Justin Eterovich
Designer / OWNER

Blacklist Brands founder and lead designer, Justin Eterovich is the creative force behind each of our brands. His background as an entrepreneur and working as a marketing manager for a professional race team has procured his creative vision, which he now channels into designing watches. Justin is fueled by a personal passion for watches that started long before the inception of his four brands.


“I still remember when I purchased my first watch, I was in seventh grade and my mother took me to Macys. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I used all of my savings and bought two. I still have them sitting in my desk.” – Justin.


Justin started Blacklist as his flagship brand in 2013 but quickly realized that he was creatively limited with just one brand. Since then, he developed multiple brands to be able to allow his creativity to expand into not only sport, but also dive, pilot and even dress watches. Each brand is unique and every collection tells a story. He considers his watches to be an extension of himself and takes a great deal of pride in the design and development of each collection for each brand. A perfectionist by nature, Justin can spend up to 10+ months in just the design of one collection before moving to the sample stage. Every piece, every finish, every detail has to be perfect, and that’s what sets Blacklist brands apart from the rest.