About our company

The start of something great.

Blacklist launched officially in 2015 with the release of the Renegade and Phantom collections. The brand quickly gained popularity in the US and the UK markets, selling out of multiple models in the pre-release stage. As the success of Blacklist grew, so did Justin’s creative drive. Blacklist being an automotive inspired brand kept him from producing certain styles that would not make sense for the brand. In 2016, Justin and the team began developing new brands to be introduced that would account for multiple styles of watches, thus, Blacklist Brands was born.


Constantly evolving.

As a small watch house, we have a number of advantages over the larger conglomerates. Some of these advantages include being able to take real-time feedback and implement good suggestions into our workflow by way of design or how we operate. All of the decision makers are constantly in direct contact with our end consumer via customer support and monitoring retail channels. We take all criticism and praise to heart and make a genuine effort to deliver products that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Passion fueled purpose.

We exist for the sole purpose of delivering the best possible product to our customers. We are a team of extremely passionate watch lovers alike and develop our products with our end consumer foremost. Not many companies can say their lead designer speaks directly with customers on a daily basis. Blacklist Brands was built by passionate people, for passionate people and we will never stray away from our core values.